From Thomas Turner, Marketing Director, United States Gold Direct

As the Marketing Director for United States Gold Direct, I have dealt with numerous firms for our marketing needs. Most of the time it is a battle to between art departments, the sales team, upper management and production. Working with Widesky Technologies on our company website was a pleasant suprise. I conveyed our vision, was provided with options and received the advice that we needed. Widesky Technologies gave us friendly and professional service and our company launch was right on schedule. They are the only web developer in our contact list!

From Gary L Falkenburg, President, Precious Metal Vault

I wanted to take the time to write to you in regard to the website that your firm developed for the Precious Metal Vault. It is with my sincere gratitude for your timely efforts working with my staff in the development of the company website providing timely completion of our website content! You and your staff of developers have furnished us with wonderful ideas, very professional services and with recommendations of changes throughout the process. As you are aware, we are working to launch another company in the very near future and without a doubt, I will be contacting your firm and yourself to once again, assist us in the development of the new company website because your services were very cost effective. Should you ever need anything from me as far as a recommendation as to your professional services, please do not hesitate to provide my name and telephone number to your potential client.

Interview with Patrick Boyd, the CEO of Generation America

Hi, Patrick, Since you have worked with WideSky Technologies for about one and half years, we have some questions for you.

  • Monique Wang: Was there an obvious advantage or anything specific that made WideSky stand out in some way?
  • Patrick Boykin: Your commitment to the work and diligence to get it done. I really liked the way your team would work as hard as possible to get the work completed on time.

  • Monique Wang: What three adjectives describe our services?
  • Patrick Boykin: Commitment, hard work, diligence.

  • Monique Wang: What's the one thing that you want me to take away from your thoughts on our work together?
  • Patrick Boykin: Loyalty and commitment to the projects.

  • Monique Wang: Anything else you'd like to say?
  • Patrick Boykin: You and your team would come up with creative ways to solve our problems.